Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dave talks to Andy Luke

Hey Andy, hope you're well! I've been a member of the Andy Luke fanclub for some time now, but how would you introduce yourself and your work to someone at NoBarCodes next Saturday in Camden Lock Market who has never heard of you before?

Um hi I'm Andy Luke..oh yeah I've SEEN your stuff...I like that thing YOU, which was, [______Incomplete title_______], [favourite sequence], that reminds me of the work of....oh well their stuffs great you should check it out....sorry I'm really tired...been writing for (3 x Namedrop Sounds Impressive)...i have Smith says he makes love to this comic...Yeah, really. That'll be a pound thanks.

Its like this. Teenage robot dinosaurs enjoy cigarettes. They like beer and brandy, and listening to Hendrix during their McJobs. I've been chronicling these events in comics ten years. Highlighting union problems, and contented issues. I want to ensure that someday, those teenager's needs will be fully represented. And I will never EVER give up.

You've been one of the star turns at the London Underground Comics stall for the last few months - how has that been for you?

It’s refreshing to get a sense of reciprocation for all the hours I put in, and a room of 100 comics creators I don't get that. LUC are one of the true musical band sensations in comics. A supportive group with a REAL ! bond. Dealing to the public OUR own gear is what I was promised when Stan Lee forced adoption of his soul on us all those years ago. We're starting our own revelations and we're cutting out the middle man!

What are you looking forward to most next Saturday?

I'm really excited about new works by Oli Smith and Ralph Kidson, as well as Merlin, Azzopardi and Hickman to name a few. The fabulous networking opportunities too. I've got a real sense that what happens next week will show that LUC, while genius, is only a starter key to something much much bigger…

Anything you're dreading?

Sensory reprogramming of a comics festival with air ? Trading in the buzz of multi-aesthetic Camden, living it honest without remit for delusion ? No, not really. The sex is going to be great.

And finally - any message for the people out there, reading this, wishing that they too were a young, cool and sexy comics creator?

Just Do It !

Thank you very much, The Andy Luke!


No Bar Codes is a one day indie comics event taking place at Camden Lock Market this Saturday. Click here for more info.

Andy Luke is Andy Luke and that's all that needs to be said. You should click here.

David Baillie is over at and the awesome new hardback edition of his fantasy adventure Tongue of the Dead debuts at No Bar Codes. Click here for an exclusive discount voucher redeemable on the day.

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