Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dave talks to Dan Lester

Hi Dan, hope you're well! I know you. Everyone I know, knows you. But maybe some people out there don't. How would you introduce yourself and your work to someone at NoBarCodes next Saturday in Camden Lock Market who has never heard of you before?

Monkeys Might Puke! (which a certain Mr David Baillie described as a 'must-read') is a collection of short humor strips and gags- basically whatever I find funny.
And as I refuse to censor myself each issue generally contains something offensive or disturbing. And sometimes strangely erotic.

You've been called the sickest man in comics - is this down to your poor health or what you write about in your comics? And how do you respond to such accusations?

I'd say it's a mixture of both-I have been sneezing a lot recently. And I respond to these accusations by melting the accuser's ankles off with my corrosive vomit, much in the same way that Jeff Goldblum did to John Getz at the end of The Fly.

What are you looking forward to most next Saturday?

Goat curry.

What would be the worst thing imaginable that could happen next weekend?

If the goat curry stall is closed.

And finally - any message for the people out there, reading this, wishing that they too were a young, cool and slightly sinister comics creator?

Touch my balls!

Thank you very much, Sleazy Dan Lester!


No Bar Codes is a one day indie comics event taking place at Camden Lock Market this Saturday. Click here for more info.

Dan Lester really is the sickest man in comics. He can be found at and No Bar Codes next week. He's been creating a 24 hour comic every month since last November, and each one is a little piece of heaven.

David Baillie is over at and the awesome new hardback edition of his fantasy adventure Tongue of the Dead debuts at No Bar Codes. Click here for an exclusive discount voucher redeemable on the day.

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